Frequently Asked Questions

The Virtual Basketball Association (VBA) is the Basketball League of the Metaverse and a community of hoops degens. As a GM, your goal is to build the best team of players that compete in contests for rewards.

Fast Break Labs  is the developer behind the Virtual Basketball Association. Our team has built successful products at companies like Adidas, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, Bloomberg, and Fox Sports. We are also backed by PatronPanteraCollab+CurrencySolana VenturesSouth Park Commons, several NBA owners, the founders of several notable gaming companies, like Riot Games and 100Thieves, and many more.

All you need to play is a Solana wallet and at least 5 VBA player NFTs. Make sure to read our flightpaper to help guide you through the process:

VBA GMs (our community) enter their teams in weekly contests against other GMs for rewards. There is a salary cap for each contest and each game is played as a live play by play simulation on a set schedule. In between games, GMs are able to buy/sell/trade players on marketplaces and make strategic changes to their lineups to improve their teams.

You win when your team scores more points than your opponent. As you win/lose, you increase/decrease in rating points, which impacts which one of our three leagues you are in (recreational, intermediate, and competitive).

Each week you play, you earn DIMES. DIMES are an off-chain, in-game currency, and to start, the DIMES you earn will be used as automatic entries in our rewards raffles from our prize pool that consists of 100% of the proceeds from our initial mint (2000 SOL). The higher your league and finish order each week, the more DIMES you can earn, and the more DIMES you collect, the greater chance you have to win our raffles. We will be adding more utility to DIMES as we grow the VBA.

Read more about DIMES here:

Each VBA player is represented by an NFT with a unique appearance, rarity, play style, and skill attributes. There are 5 rarities, 15 play styles, and over 20 attributes that impact player performance in games. While you won’t know the exact attribute ratings of your players, you’ll be able to see their stats after each game to learn about their different strengths and weaknesses. To learn more, please check out our flightpaper here:

Registration opens on Thursday at 12 PM PT (7 PM UTC) and closes on Sunday at 6 PM PT (Monday at 1 AM UTC). After registration, your team will play games from Monday to Sunday.

Roster lock-in takes place exactly 1 hour before game time. You will still be able to buy, trade, and sell players, but it won’t impact the players in your next game. We do this to ensure that there aren’t duplicates of players and you have a good experience playing against full teams.

If you have fewer than 5 players in your lineup by the time registration closes, you will not be entered into a tournament group and play games that week. If you have fewer than 5 players at the time of roster lock-in (one hour before game start time), you will automatically forfeit your game and not earn any DIMES that week.

It may take up to 1 hour for a player you buy or transfer between wallets to appear for your team. Please make sure you transfer players in advance of registration or roster lock time.

Currently you can only register one team per wallet. If you wish to register multiple teams, make sure to set up multiple wallets.

Each VBA pack NFT has a “Player Redemptions” attribute that represents how many players remain. To verify how many players are left, go to  to redeem players and search by pack # to see how many players remain. Marketplaces cache data so they are often inaccurate. Always trust the blockchain!

Make sure you hold on to them! We have something cooking…